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I offer home visits  in the Helsinki area. I also have a small clinic in Olari Sammalkalliontie 6 C

For small animals we offer for example removing of tartar and we have a laboratory adn we get some blood results already the same day.  We also have a microscope and a heat cabinet for culturing of bacteria and a small ultrasonography machine. At the clinic we also have an inhalationanestesia machine to our use.

A home visit is a good alternative if the owner or the pet has a hard time to take themselves to a clinic or if the pet or owner feels more at ease at home.
It is important to remember that at a home visit we cannot offer all the same facilities and possibilities as a clinic. Thus please tell us as clearly as possible what the problems are when you book your pets appointment , so that we can with the best of our abilities plan the visit.

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Veterinary Services I provide are for example


  • Vaccination
  • Application of Microchip
  • Writing of EU passport
  • General examination and certificate
  • Visits for example because of eye, ear or urinarytract infections
  • Taking of blood sample
  • Removing of tartar
  • Operations
  • Acupuncture
  • Euthanasia


  • Vaccinations (according to agreement)
  • Health check
  • Care  (e.g. coprostasis or influenza and so forth)
  • Shortening och claws and beak (e.g. turtles and birds)
  • Application och microchip
  • Implantation (Suprelorin e.g. ferrets)
  • Operations
  • Euthanasia


  • Rasping and controls of the teeth
  • Wound care
  • Examination during lameness
  • Acupuncture
  • Euthanasia


Sophie Lundqvist

Veterinarian Sophie Lundqvist
I graduated as veterinary licentiate from the Veterinary faculty at Helsinki University 2014 (I have been working as a vet since 2013).

I have for example worked as a substitute veterinarian for the city of Raseborg (especially in Ekenäs) and I’ve worked for a small clinic in Mankans (Mankkaan Eläinlääkäri) and for Sjundeå veterinärer (Sjuvet)/Veterinären i Tenala. I further educate myself for small animals and exotic animals every time I get an opportunity, since I feel it is very important to keep my knowledge up to date.

My spare time I try to spend with my husband, our daughters and our friends. As a hobby I horseback ride and I have had several own horses. As a kid I used to have hamsters and gerbils.


Nanna Jäntti
Nanna has started at our clinic and she can at the moment mostly be seen on Wednesdays

Nanna is a licensed nurse and has also a degree as a dog trainer.
At home she has a lovely black Labrador girl.


Contact us

For appointment reservations or if you have questions, please call
+358 45 1525250

NOTE! If I can’t pick up the phone I will call you back as soon as possible.

Telephone hours are mostly weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm (however we also treat patients during evenings (-20) and weekends according to agreement)

I mainly do home visits in the Espoo/Helsinki area, but also other areas if needed.

My warehouse lies +/- 1 km from Iso Omena in Matinkylä, this is from where the kilometer compensation is calculated.

Sammalkalliontie 6 C
02210 Olari

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Business ID: 2556195-5


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