A home visit to Albert, the picture is taken by my friend Jessica (Teljänneito)

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During spring we got a new laboratory machine so we can now in a few moment analyse a whole lot of blood samples, eg liver and kindeys and the rapid infection parameter (CRP)
As previously we still have the microscope (for ear infections, urin analysis and scin infections and a heatcabinette for culturing urin samples).
Idexx lab

Ultrasound inspections at home


My new ultrasound has arrived!!! Wonderful! Finally I can do more diagnostics at your home!

This device is wireless connected to a smartphone och a tablet where the image then is shown.


If you suspect the bitch is pregnant it can be confirmed with the ulrasound. The best time is just after day 28 because the heart should be beating if everything is fine. The time is calculated from when the dark bleeding has turned lighter.

Uterine infection:
A very common cause of infection for a intact bitch. The normal scenario is about 2 months from term and the bitch has started to drink more and is more tired than normally. However it can also be without symptoms, so it is always important to consider this option. If the infection is seen with the ultrasound it is there, however if not seen it can not be 100% excluded, but in this case the uterine infection is not likely to be life threatening at this moment.

With the help of a ultrasound there can be done a cystocenteses (collecting urine directly from the bladder). This needs to be done if previous urine cultures are not giving consistent results och if there is a blockage och the urethra e.g. due to urine crystals or stones. It is important that the patient hasn’t urinated for a while so that the bladder has urine to collect.
The ultrasound can also detect some urinary stones in the bladder.

The testicles can be looked at with the help of at ultrasound e.g. if they are different size or shpae or if there has been sperm spotted in a urine sample. The ultrasound can help to tell us if it is cysts or tumors in the testicle and therefore help with the treatment.

As you can see there is a big help of the ultrasound when doing the diagnostics, and this is only a small portion. If we suspect something bigger or even more complicated we will refer your pet to a pet-hospital for further diagnostics.

Video about teeth tartar

We have done a few videos with Tassuvathi and they will air one per month during the spring.

Because SoluVet has this year have Februari as tartar month we decided to start with the video that tells about tartar.

Remember that if you have any questions or if something is unclear don’t hesitate to contact a veterinarian.

Tassuvahti is a service for pet owners where they take care of the pet if nessecary.

You can watch the video from the link beneath (it is in Finnish)

Book an appointment or for more information:
SoluVet nr. +358 45 1525250
Tassuvahti nr.  +358 44 2441747

February is Tartar Month!

February is Tartar Month!

Book a time for removal of tartar for February or during February and you will get a tube of Dentisept (20g) for free in connection with the removal.

Call us on 045 1525250

Kind regards!
Vet Sophie