The list prices are for visits at the clinic
Please call us for more information about the prices
ON CALL charges for late evenings and Saturdays +50% and for Sundays, holidays and nights +100% (doesn’t include medication or supply)(This does not include pre scheduled visits)

EXOTIC ANIMALS please call us for more information
E.g. we have vaccinations for rabbits (Nobivac Myxo-RHD) and group vaccinations for ferrets

All the prices are starting prices and they can increase depending on what is done to the patient.

To the prices there will be added:
– Kilometer replacement 1 €/km + possible parking fee
– The main charge will increase with (at least) + 50€,  the charge is calculated with a driving of 0-10 km radius from the clinic (Olari), if the distance is longer there will be an increase in charge for the time spent in the car
– Evening charges for HOME VISITS done after 4 o’clock pm + 50% (doesn’t include medication or supply)
– Possible ACUTE charge during daytime + 50% (doesn’t include medication or supply)

The following animal that will be examined at the same place and time will get a -15€ discount at the clinic and -20€ discount at home visits from the main charge.

We accept cash or card (VISA or MC) payment, we do not write bills.

The prices are so far valid and we keep the right to change them.

Examples of prices:

15 min / mostly a control time 60€ 60€
30 min 80€ 80€
60 min 100€ 100€
4th vaccine (DHPPi) 55€
3rd vaccine (Purevax RCP) 55€
Rabies 55€ 55€
2 vaccines at the same time (DHPPi/RCP & Rabies) 65€ 65€
Leptospirosis vaccination 60€ 60€
Health inspection 50€ 50€
Health certificate (inkl. inspection) 80€ 80€
Puppy inspection and certificate 70€ 70€
Following puppies 15€/puppy
Puppy insp. + cert. + microchip 90€ 90€
Following puppies +30€/puppy
Microchipping 60€ 60€
Microchipping when also something else 35€ 35€
EU passport 65€ 65€
EU passport when also something else 40€ 40€
Removal of tartar a. 180€ a. 160€
Removal of milkteeth a. 160€
Castration from270€ 95€
Sterilization from450€ 160€
Eyes (eg. infection, doesn’t incl. medication) 110€ 110€
Ears (eg. infection, doesn’t incl. medication) 110€ 110€
Urine (eg. infection, doesn’t incl.medication) 115€ 115€
Ultrasound inspection e.g pregnancy 75€ 75€
First visit 100€ 100€
Following visits 70€ 70€
(The recommendation is to start off with 3 times once/week, after that a analyse of teh needs of continued treatment)
0-10 kg 100€ 100€
10,1-20 kg 110€
20,1-30 kg 120€
30,1 kg -> 140€ + 15€/starting 10 kg
and further more the cremation if you wish to cremate
Cremation via Suomen eläintuhkaus